short form/new media


“Only vegas”


darrin scane,

eric c. storlie, & dawn dee walton

Commercial parody.

Two players get played this this funny parody of the popular “what happens here...” Only Vegas ads.

“mountain dew millions”


john jurcheck, janine foster, michael daly, zach starr, & erin jacob

Long form commercial/short film.

A down-on-his-luck office worker wins a million dollars, and his life is changed instantly.

“chilis is a sin”


gary hollis & susan terzian

Spec Commercial.

A young woman enjoys her sandwich from Chili’s so much, she feels a need to confess her gluttony to a priest.

“mentos: the deathmaker”


eric c. storlie, michael fitzgerald, john luna, & penny lewis

Commercial parody.

Parody of the most popular Mentos ad.